Apples WWDC 2013 Opening Keynote


Yesterday was the big day. Apple showed us the future of iOS and OSX. The signature of Apple designer Jonathan Ive could be seen through the complete new look of iOS 7, the tweaks on OSX “Mavericks” and even on developer tools with cleaner and more minimalistic user interfaces.

The new possibilities in iOS 7 for app developers are just amazing! Some of my hopes were fulfilled and Apple finally allows all apps performing certain tasks in background. This are great news for NetSnips. I will immediately experiment with these new possibilities and discuss with Apple engineers how to best implement background snippet auto-updating in an energy-efficient way.

We’ve had enough of words, let’s see some impressions of today:

IMG_8405 IMG_8411 IMG_8417

IMG_8456 IMG_8475 IMG_8458

IMG_8479 IMG_8481 IMG_8491


One thought on “Apples WWDC 2013 Opening Keynote

  1. Compact and expanded - Tapcode

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