Ready for iPad Pro


Todays update optimizes the NetSnips experience on iPad Pro. NetSnips now takes full advantage of the large display and allows you to place even more web pages on a single page. It’s great if you want to have a glance on many web pages at once!

In addition to small bug fixes for the widget, this update adds some missing localizations for Russian, Chinese, Italian and French. Thanks again for your help with the translations Shurik, Zach, Max and Marc!

Please don’t forget to update your NetSnips review! The App Store resets reviews with every new app version, so I’m very happy if I see your review showing up again!


Your web snippet, just one swipe away


I’m happy to announce that NetSnips finally got its much-anticipated notification center widget!

I worked on this in the last months and it took me way longer than expected to complete it. The reasons were personal (I moved to Canada this year) and technical. The technical limitations in the notification center are stricter than for apps, which forced me to come up with a completely new snippet updating engine for the widget. This resulted in faster snippet updating, fewer memory consumption and for the first time a progress indicator.

So how do you get the widget? It’s easy.

  • Update to NetSnips 3.3.
  • Select the web snippet that should be displayed in your notification center in the settings under “Widget”.
  • The widget automatically refreshes your web snippet on iPhone. On iPad automatic refresh is off by default, since some web pages require a high amount of memory and fail to load from the notification center. You can try it with your preferred web page, but I hope I can improve this with future updates.
  • Tap on the widget to open the web snippet in NetSnips.
  • Double-tap on the widget to force a manual refresh.

NetSnip is now optimized for iOS 9 with improved stability on those devices.

There is still some work to do on the widget to make it even more convenient. Adding multiple web snippets is definitely on top of the list.

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Widget preview

It was cold and the landscape was snow-covered when the last update hit the App Store. I’m thrilled to show you what’s next for NetSnips! This is a short preview video for the upcoming version, which includes a great new widget for your notification center. Just in time for chilling in the summer sun and staying up-to-date with the latest updates from your favourite web pages. Enjoy!

Add settings for all the things!


As of today, you can download NetSnips 3.2 from the App Store. With this new update, you can customize NetSnips even more:

  • You can now select your preferred action for single, double and long tap on a snippet!
  • Your snippets can now recognize two-finger taps! You can customize it too (the default setting opens the snippet share sheet).
  • A new option in the settings allows you to clear the app cache in order to free up storage space when you need it.
  • New snippets are now always added on a new page. If you prefer the previous behavior (add new snippets on currently visible page) just head to the settings.
  • Added the “Open in Safari” option for opening the full web page in Safari from the action sheet.
  • Greatly improved the selector tool for defining new snippets. It’s nicer and more functional (you can resize it on the edges).
    Optimized snippet repositioning for iPhone version in landscape on iOS 8.

Thanks to your feedback, this update brings to you other optimizations and bug fixes. This includes a revised updating logic, improved image quality for Retina HD display (iPhone 6), storage optimizations and fixes for user interface glitches.

I hope you like the new update. Feel free to contact me with any of your thoughts. I know it takes time and effort to review an app, but if you value my work please consider leaving a positive review on the App Store. Your feedback is my motivation. Thank you!

Adaptive, stylish, handy… NetSnips!

netsnips_3.1_artwork In the past months I was working on a new update for NetSnips, that improves its functionality as well as its design. The result is one of the biggest updates ever. Today I’m very happy to announce that NetSnips 3.1 is live on the App Store.

Even thought we have changed the app icon as recently as January, we are now modifying it again. Based on your feedback, we have created a borderless and even simpler version of the NetSnips icon. We really hope that you like it! Most importantly, this update finally allows using NetSnips in any interface orientation. This was one of the most requested features. However, if you prefer to lock one specific orientation, just head to the settings. You can also define and add web snippets in portrait and in landscape mode. NetSnips will take care and update your snippet in the correct interface orientation. Moreover it is possible to position your snippets for both orientations individually. Snippets that are too big to fit the current orientation are scaled down.

Moreover, with this new update NetSnips already takes full advantage of the larger displays of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus! This means: Even more space for all your web snippets! This version was also tested with the brand new iOS 8.

Apart from landscape support and iOS 8 support, this update brings to you:

  • More style. New animations, tuned colors and a subtle but beautiful parallax effect on your web snippets when tilting you device.
  • More social. Share your web snippet screenshot on social networks, send it via mail or copy the snippet URL address.
  • More comfort. Open your current Safari web page in NetSnips with the new bookmarklet.
  • Even more comfort. A blank page is automatically appended if you swipe up for the main toolbar. If you want to place your new snippet directly on a new page, swipe to the blank page before tapping the Add button.

This update also includes other improvements, like 64bit support, a tweaked snippet updating logic, more precise snippet repositioning and touch detection, easier tappable buttons and speed improvements.

One more thing: If you ever wanted to buy me a coffee for all these free updates, now you can! Just go the upgrades section and find a nice cup of coffee right there. Rest assured, your coffee will keep me awake… Thank you very much!

I hope you like the changes to NetSnips. Please don’t forget to review the new version on the App Store. I’m happy to hear from you!

NetSnips greatly benefits from multicore iOS devices

In this short video we compare the updating time for 5 web snippets on iPhone 4 (single core A4 CPU) and iPhone 5s (dual core A7 CPU) after a cold app start. NetSnips is highly optimized for modern multicore devices and greatly benefits from them. See for yourself!

NetSnips 3.0 – Ready for the future


NetSnips feels finally right at home on iOS 7. NetSnips 3.0, which was released today on the App Store, introduces a revised user interface and many modernizations. Moreover, thanks to Ivan Ladurner, this release introduces a greatly simplified app icon. This is another completely free update for all existing users!

The full change list is as follows:

  • New and cleaner app icon and a fresh new app design
  • The number of parallel snippet updates depends now on the current network speed and device performance (ex: on iPhone 5s up to 5 snippets update in parallel)
  • Snippets are updated on idle activity while reading a web page in full screen (requires iPhone 4S/iPad 2 or newer)
  • Launch Center Pro support with custom actions
  • More reliable snippet updating engine for complex web pages
  • When leaving fullscreen mode, snippets don’t reload automatically and keep the last visited web page open
  • Memory usage optimizations
  • Many other improvements and under the hood changes that are the basis for upcoming features

The new design language and under the hood changes in iOS 7 are substantial, which make it difficult to support older iOS versions. Therefore I had to increase the minimal system requirements, which means that this new update requires iOS 7.0 or higher.

You can find a visual comparison between version 2.1.1 and 3.0 in the following image gallery:

The announced landscape mode support did not made it in this release. I’m sorry for this, but back in June when I was knee-deep in the development of a new feature that repositions snippets for landscape mode, Apple announced iOS 7. I did not want to release something half-baked, therefore I had to change my roadmap and focus on other things first. But never mind, landscape mode will be made available as soon as possible.

For all of you that are using Launch Center Pro app: I have submitted two custom actions and I’m currently waiting that they add them to their action composer. I will update this post as soon as the actions are approved. In the mean time you can add the actions manually with the following two URLs:

  • Add a snippet for the URL address in your clipboard:
  • Open NetSnips on page 2 (or any other page):

I hope you enjoy the revised version of NetSnips as much as I do. Don’t forget to leave a review on the App Store!

Update January 18, 2014: NetSnips is now in the list of officially supported Launch Center Pro apps. You should find it in the Action Composer. Creating web snippets is now even easier.